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       Ever wonder what it takes to land a job with the world’s most sought after companies?

In A Theatre Geek’s Guide to Disney, Google, and the NFL, Brett Axler pulls back the curtain to reveal the steps from his journey and the lessons he learned along the way. From his early years in community and regional theater to landing his first job with an NFL-team, Axler shares the simple and normally overlooked steps applicants can take to land their dream job. He busts the classic experience and education requirement myths and outlines the powerful alternatives that make applicants stand out from the crowd. Using his own personal victories and defeats along with stories from the dozens of students and young professionals that he’s mentored, Axler shares the step-by-step do’s and don’ts of navigating a young career.

Through his years at Comcast and Disney to his recent adventures that led him to Google, Axler shares his insights about education, professional networking, job searching, applying for the job, getting a resume to the top of the pile, and nailing an interview. With A Theatre Geek’s Guide to Disney, Google, and the NFL, buckle up for a wild story full of priceless know-how from a theatre geek that accidentally found himself in professional sports and corporate America.


Cartoons in the Air

“Brett has done an excellent job of taking his many professional and personal experiences and woven a story that is insightful and entertaining. His story takes you through the highlights and lowlights of his high school, college and career experiences. Best of all, Brett explains how he created his own luck, and what he learned from the more difficult moments. If you are starting your career, or looking for a change, Brett’s approach to life will help you think of how to move forward, and more importantly to keep moving forward.”

Dan Cockerell

Magic Kingdom

Vice President (Retired)

American Football Stadium

“Brett N. Axler leads us on an honest and sometimes self-deprecating journey as a knowledgeable tour guide, navigating readers through the straits of career advancement.  With comedy, empathy, and common sense, this is a great read for those embarking on their voyage into the workforce.” 


"Brett Axler provides an incredibly comprehensive, actionable guide that leads its readers through the complex, often confusing maze of career advancement. His upbeat, refreshing perspective makes it easy for anyone to follow, and should be a must-read for anyone looking to progress further towards their dream career goals."

Rob Alberino

NFL Executive

Award-Winning Story Teller

Graham Stephan


Youtube Personality

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